Terms and Conditions

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Warranty Policy

If you have an issue, contact Rocky Mountain Elevator Products Tech Support while on site so we can help troubleshoot. When an assessment is made that replacement parts are needed, Rocky Mountain Elevator Products will initiate the parts order, sent UPS ground at no charge to the dealer. If you do not contact Rocky Mountain Elevator Products while on site, your part cannot be provided free under warranty.

We may request the defective part be returned to:

I. Determine root case

2. Determine if the part will be replaced free under warranty

If the part is to be sent back, the replacement part is invoiced at regular price. Once the part is returned and approved for credit, the RMA will appear on your statement as a negative price to offset the price of the replacement part.

To be eligible for credit, your part must be received within 60 days from the RMA number issue date.

RMA Warranty Process

1. Contact Rocky Mountain Elevator Products to obtain an RMA number.

2. You will receive an RMA number acknowledgement by email, please ensure we have a valid email.

3. When your replacement part is delivered, you will also receive a UPS return label and the RMA number label.

4. Package up the defective part, making sure to include all of its related components (keys, harnesses, covers, etc…). Do this before you forget, or lose components that will invalidate your warranty claim!

5. Apply the RMA number label to the outer carton.

6. Call UPS or drop off at a UPS location.

7. Note that USA returns are sent to Rocky Mountain Elevator Products’s return depot in Michigan as noted on the UPS label. Canadian returns are sent directly to Rocky Mountain Elevator Products Brampton.

8. Be sure to keep records and the tracking numbers of your shipment. You may be asked by Rocky Mountain Elevator Products Inc. to provide proof of delivery to our return depot.

Important Notes

1. Be sure to return the defective part within 60 days of the date the RMA number was issued.

2. Rocky Mountain Elevator Products does not credit parts returned to us after 60 days.

3. If you lose the UPS label, contact us for a replacement label.

4. Rocky Mountain Elevator Products will credit your account within 45 days of receipt of your part, after the part has been inspected and approved for credit.

5. Check your monthly statement. If you do not see that your RMA has been credited, contact us.

6. If your return part is too large to ship by UPS, a pick up by a large carrier may be required. This will be scheduled and paid for by Rocky Mountain Elevator Products – DO NOT ship collect or on your own freight account. Rocky Mountain Elevator Products Inc. will supply you with a commercial invoice and bill of lading along with details for your pick up.

Rocky Mountain Elevator Products provides a 36-month warranty on most of our products, covering parts that fail due to defective material or workmanship.