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Builders Series

Grand Mesa National Forest

Our Builders Series is designed for beauty on a budget. From basic cabs made with quality engineered woods, to our hand crafted hardwoods. Our selection of standard fixtures and upgrades is unmatched in the home elevator industry. At Rocky Mountain Elevator Products it is our mission to improve safety and customer experience by providing a superior level of design and innovation. We aspire to create industry-wide change by setting a higher level of excellence and always exceeding customer expectations. 

Laminate and Veneer

Beautiful and durable; quality at an affordable price. Upgrade hardware and lights for a custom look.

Laminate Elevator Materials


Laminate Elevator Materials
Veneer Elevator Materials


Veneer Elevator Materials

Hardwood Upgrades

Nothing beats hardwood in beauty, quality and durability.


Red Oak Clear
Standard Two Light Shown

White Oak Golden

Single Tray
Two Light Upgrade Option Shown

Red Oak American

Four Tray
Four Light Upgrade Option Shown

Upgrade to hardwood and have the same durability and beauty that you have put into your home. Three styles that reflect where you live and how you live:

  • Shaker; simple and beautiful.
  • Recessed; the distinctive crown-moulding frames beautiful panels of natural wood grain.
  • Raised; the victorian classic raised panels say style and quality.

All of our cabs are handmade from raw lumber and are assembled and finished at the factory before being dis-assembled for shipping to ensure fit and finish.

Fixture Upgrades

Limit the use or access to floors with digital and physical keys.
Available in Stainless, Brushed Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
*Keypad not available in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Custom Car Operator Panels

Available in Stainless, Brushed Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Wrap Around Gates

You no longer have to deal with accordion gates. Our sturdy low profile wrap around gate provides solid performance, great looks and adds saftey to your home elevator.

(Shown in Nickel, Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze)

  • Rigid panels and metal frame mean no more bowing or binding.
  • Can be manually operated or driven with a power gate operator.
  • Many colors and inset panels to match your cab choices.
  • Much safer than an accordion gate.

Small hoistways are not a problem, a 40.5” wide platform will allow a 36” wide interior cab to provide a 34” clear opening. Rocky Mountain Elevator Product’s powered gate operator will drive the gate quietly to a full open position.

Choose from the same selections available from the cab finish and hardware.

Panel frames are made from extruded aluminum with an anodized finish, and hidden hardware – for a sleek design. Bi-directional intergrated handle lead posts for left or right installations.

Choose to match your cab, or accent it with transperent acrylic. The decorative mesh can be used alone or with the acrylic for a more sophisticated look.

Lights and Handrails

Styles and colors to match or accent your home elevator.

Two Standard 3” Lights

Available in; black, white, stainless, and oil rubbed bronze.

LED Technology

For energy efficient long life and a cooler cab.

Flat Metal Handrail

Available in Stainless Steel, Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Flat Solid Wood Handrail

Available in the wood choice of your cab. birch and oak are standard.

Door Locks

Rocky Mountain Elevator Product’s exclusively designed SmartLock is the industry’s smallest and most space-saving lock. Designed to meet the newest safety standards, the steel construction will withstand years of use and still look great. With no plastic exterior to wear or age, whatever finish you choose is easy to clean and keep you secure.
Upgrade from the standard Ivory, to Oil Rubbed Bronze or Stainless.

Available in Ivory, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Stainless.

Steps to Planning Your Home ElevatorSteps to Planning Your Home Elevator

  1. Determine the car layout that best fits your design: front opening, front and rear openings, front and side openings.
  2. Determine your car size: standard sizes; 36”x48”, 36”x60”, 40” X 54”.
  3. Determine shaftway door swing.
  4. Determine what overhead space you can provide.
  5. Determine machine room space and location you can privide.
  6. Based on the above information, determine the best suited drive system.
  7. Obtain and use site specific drawings while building hoistway, doorways, machine room, and any other construction related to the elevator. Forward all necessary documents to contractor/builder, architect and structural engineers.
  8. Coordinate with your dealer to go over your options, interior finishes and upgrades.

Drive System Overview

Rocky Mountain Elevator Products offers you the choice of two configurations in both the roped hydraulic and winding drum, giving you the flexibility to select the best drive system for your application.

Roped Hydraulic:

  • 1:2 roped hydraulic unit utilizing two (2) 3/8”  wire ropes running over a sheave mounted atop a 70 or 80mm diameter hydraulic cylindere
  • 950 lbs. capacity (750 lbs. optional)
  • Smooth Ride Technology using the industry’s only self-adjusting ride
  • MRLH – Machine Room-less Hydraulic (Figure A) or remote machine room up to 40’ away (Figure B)
  • Submerged motor for quiet operation
  • Floor specific battery descent, standard
  • 40 FPM travel speed (increased speed requires a variance)
  • Slack cable safety device
  • 230 V 1Phase 30 Amp with neutral and ground (4 wires)

Winding Drum:

  • Inverter controlled variable speed winding drum unit utilizing two (2) 3/8” steel core wire ropes as suspension means

  • 950 lbs. capacity standard.

  • MRLD – Machine Room-less Drum (requires overhead access) (Figure A)

  • Standard drum behind the rail (Figure B)

  • Variable speed for a quality ride

  • Floor specific battery descent (optional)

  • 40 FPM travel speed

  • 230V 1 Phase 30 Amp with neutral and ground (4 wires)

  • Slack cable safety device